Thursday, November 13, 2008


After taking a break from my dumb ATmega8 project by looking at some stuff to buy for a gaming project, I decided to start looking at Ruby and ultimately Ruby on Rails today. Just did an apt-get for the packages and what not. Everything seems to be going well apart from needing to install minor prerequisites.

Ruby seems easy enough. Just went through a tutorial that demonstrated some of the basics. Behaves similarly to Python and shares a structure like any other scripting language though everything is an object in one way or another. This is different to the languages which have integers, characters and booleans as primitives. Getting Rails to run was easy. Rails has a tool that allows you to create a ready-to-go skeleton of a website. The Model-View-Controller organisational thing is something I'll need to understand properly. I'll probably need to spend some time on my website to make it easier to manage and maintain. Right now it's a few folders with a lot of files in each.

A new version of Cherrypy is out and seems to be compatible with Python 2.6 which is nice.

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