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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Compaq Presario 2116AH + Wireless

Managed to fix an old DSE wireless 802.11g adapter.  Basically two contacts of the USB port lost contact with the pads on the PCB boards.  Probably due to too the port being bent up and down too many times.  I basically did a hacked job at re-soldering the pins with an absolute shocker of a soldering iron.  The tip doesn't even exist.  It's shaped like a flat head screw driver.  If you've done any soldering on PCBs made for IC you'd understand that a lot of the pads are tiny, thin or clustered very close to each other.  I must have immersed a few components in globs of solder before I managed to make a "connection".  As an Engineer, I feel the responsibility to self-regulate my work and declare the work of poor quality and lacking professionalism!!!!  But the wireless adapter works and that's all I care.

I decided to reinstall the Windows on the Presario laptop since everything was running slowly and Internet Explorer was having issues connecting to the internet.  The internet settings must have screwed themselves up because the an IP address was being allocated to a hidden device; Yay!  Reinstall went well.  Legitimate copy.  No activation issues.  Yet.  Got Service Pack 3 installed with IE7 and WMP 11.  Running out of disk space though which ain't too good...  Hmm have yet to order parts for a new desktop.