Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Operating systems

Spent the day finding non-Linux operating systems to try out.  Found AROS and FreeBSD. Unfortunately, I couldn't install AROS because I didn't have a CD that could fit a 750 MB image... Do CDs greater than 700 MB even exist?  Couldn't install FreeBSD because it couldn't detect the repositories on the CD.  I didn't bother finding out why.  Probably because of the SATA connection or that I was so stupid I downloaded the wrong image?  Oh yeah, openSUSE is broken once again.  Complains of not finding the root device (/dev/root) when booting up.  I may try reinstalling grub but I think I'll just end up doing a clean reinstall.  I decided to try a new window manager so I settled with XFce since it's different and thus, I installed Xubuntu 8.10 on the old Compaq PATA 40 GB drive.  I want to try and get the dock going.  I have to say, all the major window managers all look the same.  I really want to try something that is built on a totally different philosophy; well excluding command line!  In between all the partition, installing, sudo-ing, I managed to read more on Python.  Going through the pdf describing the Python library.

I've decided to fix my fstab as well so that they'll be auto-mounted on boot.

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