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Monday, December 16, 2013

STRATUS: Is there a future for emerging researchers in NZ? Surviving the postdoc apocalypse

  • Science Exchange: Place to outsource scientific experiments. A way for labs to get funding for the work they like doing.
  • PhD can set you up for startups: Working on something useful, working on data, hardworking, passion.
  • Highly unlikely that postdocs end up being in a long term academic career.
  • Observation: Most researchers are old. Are we in prime position to replace them when they retire?
  • Industry and academic research being disconnected is the wrong mindset. Both tries to answer questions. Just don't lose your skills.
  • Learning to write grants is important!
  • UniServices can give the opportunity for a staff member to pause their teaching for a year and pursue their startup.
  • Overseas positions are good for character development.
  • Use your network to secure your postdoc.
  • Use the postdoc to learn what you want to do and what you don't want to do.
  • Be open minded and look beyond your mentors (e.g., lecturers, colleagues, etc).
  • Might need to step down to step up (in the ranks, pay, etc).
  • Your PhD should have trained you to plan a few years in advance. Periodically evaluate your goals.
  • Money is not why you want to be in research.
  • Tell your story positively.