Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Compaq Presario 5BW472

Started salvaging the parts to the Compaq and noticed the different headers coming from the motherboard.  Quite a few looked proprietary like ones for the status lights, front panel usb ports, and power button connector.  So I decided to check out the motherboard layouts from the one I might buy and the one of my current rig and found out that the connectors were proprietary and the Compaq power supply was missing the 2x2 pin power connector.  So, that basically means I can't reuse the case or the power supply.  I know have a few choices.  One is to find a new Micro ATX case.  Second is find a new ATX case and/or find a new ATX sized motherboard.  Third is to just get a stock standard base unit so we can get the standard shop warranty that my parents like so much.  Fourth is that we just get a laptop.  Hmmm

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