Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AVR ATmega8 madness

Now that I've finished writing the Python API for Open Flash Chart 2, I decided to start working on some ATmega8 coding.  Got a free ATmega8 a while back so I decided to put it into use.  I found a seven segment LED display so I ended up making a simple one digit hex counter. I should really use a 3-bit decoder to address my LED display.  Taking too many ports up.  I'm using the decimal point as a blinking indicator so show that my timer is actually ticking.  I'm writing in C and I've started making my own "System" libraries.  I've got a timer struct and a single digit seven segment driver.  I also have an 2-bit Flip-Flop but I haven't got any plans to use it right now.  Might use it as a 2-bit memory storage device?  That would be silly though.

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