Friday, October 24, 2008


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    Kinda gay..he finished the lect..and now talking about the exam stuff

Thursday, October 23, 2008

EngGen403 tutorial

Q1) Communication, argument and logic.  Arts person marking.
Q2) Professionalism and ethics.  Why do we have ethics?
Q3) Indigenous knowledge and consultation.  Think about the Marae visit.  How do you apply your knowledge.  Study up on the RMA.  My tutor marking.
Q4) The role of the engineer in society.  Today's society.  Appropriate use of technology.
Q5 & Q6) Sustainability.  Probably one question on each topic the lecturer gave.  The world that we live in.  What can be done to the world.

20 min for each question.

A lot of them are common sense.  If you were in my tutorial and listening to all what my tutor had to say, then you'd do well.  Sustainability is probably going to have the hardest questions. Have good essay structure but not strictly enforced.  Have good handwriting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last lecture by the dean of Engineering.  Talking about the GDP of New Zealand.  Seems like yesterday's lecture all over again.  We're inefficient workers.  Landscape of NZ.  Knowledge economy.  OECD indicators.  But you also need places in industry that are able to take in an influx of engineers.  Probably not enough companies / opportunities where such industries can develop in such an agriculturally based country.  Overview of engineering market.


Came to lecture late because I was at a friend's ChemMat presentation.  15 min of new ChemMat knowledge of aluminium cover.  Lecture did not start when I came in because a survey was being held.

Going through the deterministic properties of a boolean mealy machine that are free running in parallel.  Encapsulation/Hiding for forcing synchronisation.  Scope.  Local criterion: 1) A hidden input must also appear in the output; 2) A negative input must not appear in the output.  Defining the automata that results from port hiding.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Lecturer today is a fire engineering consultant. Talking about why engineering is so good and so on. Talking about money and trying to squeeze in sustainability in all places possible. Slides look like a repeat of a PD1 lecture.

Comparing New Zealand with other countries. Your typical accountant and lawyer graphs to compare. More propaganda about engineers joining politics. Still the feeling that engineers are being portrayed as special people who don't fit very well with society. Too many reassurances that there's a shortage of "weird people".

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Argos is a concurrent model of computation. Operators: refinement/hierachial product, synchronous product, hiding/encapsulation.

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EngGen403 tutorial

Substitute tutor. He's Canadian. Started talking about politics. Going through Monday's lecture which was on appropriate use of technology in third world places. Then onto Tuesday's lecture which was on believing what people say. Going through the exam structure.

Five topics in the exam. There may be some topics with multiple questions. Arguments and persuasive writing. Professionalism and ethics. The use of being in a professional body. Engineer's role in work safety. Change designs so they cannot be abused. Contracts you can be entered to by giving a simple consultation. E-mail can be used for legal purposes. Indigenous issues and consultation. Don't present a solution from the get-go as that does not show your willingness to listen to their needs and concerns. Objections in discussions. Resource Management Act. Sustainability issues and how they will affect our future jobs. Sustainable management and resources. Life cycle analysis of products. Appropriate technology. Engineers in society. We're an outcast or just plain special in a weird way?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


ESR presentation. Lecturer is the same from occupational risks. Has a whole lot of questions and wants us to read his slides. Inertia, aspiration and implementation.

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ReMIC is not an esterel compliant processor. There is no concept of clock tick because only clock cycles are available. This is because a ReMIC is a pipelines processor. Reactive code "substituted" with pseudo code. Scheduling support unit allows the ability to create interleaved concurrency and basic context switching.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Lecture from an unqualified engineer from Watercare. Taking us on a journey to a micro-hydro project to a remote location; Papua New Guinea. Everything has to be done by yourself. Showing use the innovations required to use the natural resources around to get a dam, turbine and power on the village.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results‏
Sent: Saturday, 11 October 2008 9:38:41 a.m.

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results:

As I am sure many of you will know, last night the final rollover for MikesBikes was processed. Attached in a following email is the Scoreboard report showing all Firms final placings ranked by Shareholder Value (SHV). Well done to all teams, the performance overall was exceptional.

Congratulations to the teams below who placed in the top 3 spots for SHV:

1st: iBike $62.39
2nd: Winston says NO $60.60
3rd: mini EMPERORS $58.16

1. Full credit to 'iBike' who were able to recover from a stage where their performance was dropping in comparison to competitors, evaluate strategy and proceed to creep back up the ladder to take first place!

2. The same goes for 'Winston says No' who were actually 3rd to last after the first rollover. After battling 'iBike' throughout the simulation were only just pipped at the post.

3. There are quite few teams that didn't rank in the Top 3 but performed very well in the latter half of the Simulation, well done! Of particular note are:
Johnny Boy
Friendly Bikes
25th Gear
Marvel Wonders

On behalf of Smartsims I would like to congratulate all those who competed in this years competition and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Kind Regards,

Ian McPherson
Sales & Marketing Manager
Smartsims International

PeriodIndustryFirmSHVProfitSales Revenue
2014World 2iBike$62.39$7,842,113$25,629,256
2014World 2Winston says NO$60.60$8,477,912$32,663,008
2014World 3mini EMPERORS$58.16$5,781,363$22,961,479
2014World 1Synergy$47.51$4,457,112$16,111,456
2014World 2Johnny Boy$40.97$4,824,846$17,846,952
2014World 3Michaels Cycles$35.90$2,905,742$19,034,941
2014World 3Friendly Bikes$35.63$5,522,863$25,105,564
2014World 2JKPD Corp$33.85$3,072,660$17,856,842
2014World 1Dandelions$30.83$4,686,135$22,433,862
2014World 325th Gear$30.42$3,088,905$18,507,616
2014World 3Juggernaut$23.32$1,043,114$15,811,631
2014World 1Marvel Wonders$23.04$2,651,807$13,904,203
2014World 1CK Bikes$22.37$2,007,827$18,431,841
2014World 1Tropard$19.86$7,138,292$27,127,968
2014World 2RadRydes$17.55$2,070,223$16,270,599
2014World 1Team Campeon$9.08$81,522$9,229,610
2014World 2BULLET$0.01($5,290,455)$859,200

Friday, October 10, 2008


Use all combinations for firing rule. In the time transition diagram, the long periods relate to transitions with time delays while short ones are instantaneous. There are already some controllers made to test each mechatronic object. Remove the sequencer and the sensor signals. Create change event on plant. Should use the tools on Wibdows XP.

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Lecturer went through a question that had a beta term. Not sure because I got to the lecture late again. Not that it really matters. Tax shield.

Karen would like to announce that it's her hubby (chunnie's) 29th birthday today!!!!!!!! YAY~~~~!!!!!!

Eugene asks, who is hubby?!

Karen says 'hubby' is the love of my life ^^ LOL

Eugene says, that doesn't mean much ...

Karen says ............................hehe

Eugene asks, Why is he so old anyway? He was 8 when you were born. Gross!! :-p

Karen says: have you even seen photos of him????he looks younger than you!!!! Wahahahahaha!!!!! AND! I bet you were like 8 when I was born....minutes that is ^o^

Eugene says no. But does he look fugly? :-p. Also you're being very discrete with your food!

*Karen gobbles her chocolate & almond crossaint* well I'm hungry....back to talking about my hubby ^^ how could you think for even one second that he maybe fugly!????!???!

Eugene replies: just wondering what Jay and Edison are up against. Hope you wipe your fingers before you start typing on this keyboard -_-

*wipes fingers on eugene's jacket*..well Edison is in the past but should Edison not be in the past he still one really beats jay - music-wise that looks hubby beats all ^^

Eugene says he's run out of random things to say. Decided to draw : ) on the crossaint. Arsset substitution.

"YAY!!!!! I WIN!!!!" Karen says, also please stop drawing on my bag for the crossaint....I bet that red pen is toxic and it will kill me... ><

Eugene asks if any milk powder was used to make that crossaint? I bet the recycled paper holding it is more toxic :p. Imagine all the newspapers that went into making the recycled bag.

Karen replies....yes I think milk powder was used I'm going to develop kidney stones


Anyway, back to finance. Talking about imputation credits to counter double taxation on dividends. Onto gaming of company equity.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Question on timed and discretize: motion of the cylinder through time. Page 39 & 65. Timed: transitions are delayed.

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Modigliani and Miller's propositions. Something about being debt free through leverage. People don't realise the implication of using real ArSSets. The WACC of an unlevered firm is the same as a levered firm. Capital structure of a levered firm is not important. Going through what happens to the MM propositions as each assumption is relaxed.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Future thinking. Trends and predictions: expert method (business orientation), standardized scenarios method (taking a country), critical uncertainties method (change severity of variables), scenario network mapping (events). Mass population pressure on the government.

Talking about short, medium and long term. Lots of forward looking statements but this is reasonable given the nature of this lecture being on the future of sustainability.

Future of technology. Resistance to changing traditional methods or way of life. Like using a washing machine that doesn't use water to wash the clothes. Massive amount of energy and raw materials to produce one product.

Sustainable communities.

3D painting: new cow, more money, new life, a God, third leg. But what happens of you don't want the painting or if you run put of paint? Designs will improve in a stepwise manner. Biomimetics. Design simplification.

Considerations for engineers.

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Missed the beginning of Argos. Synchronous statecharts. Subset of statecharts. Disallows inter-level transitions. Compositional.

Local signals are declared as a littyle tag at the bottom of a "domain".

Boolean inputs: guard over a set of inputs. Transition relation is a subset of S*B(I)*2^O*S
Monomial form: conjunction of literals. A literal is an input or its negation.

Reactivity and deterministic: for every state and all for all outgoing transition from a state there is a valid transition.

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Monday, October 6, 2008


Going to be in this lecture for 5 min before I toodle off to MikesBikes. Too tired to comprehend anything. Lights have just dimmed through pwm. Objective is to discuss current global and NZ shifts which are leading towards sustainability. Global factors. Globalization forcing inefficient markets (mainly undeveloped countries) getting squeezed out.

European union: beleive sustainability has increased economic opportunities, limited natural resource usage, directives for companies to take back packaging wastes.

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Friday, October 3, 2008


Lecturer went through forcing and disabling of actions using interleaving and and concurrent parallelism. Well formed adapter only has one forced transition from a state.

A* is the closure set made up of recusive concatenation of previous strings: Aø U A1 U A2 U ...

Supervisory control. Forced simulation produces well formed adapters. Forced cycles in adapter by supervisory control.

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Readability of the process is kept in memory and the graph is not drawn to save memory. View variables to get timing graph. Assignment is on moving a work piece with cylinders of different lengths. Sequentially generated automata.

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Underwriter takes on the responsibility of selling shares to investors. Book building is done buy taking the average bids of shares from other financial institutions.

Lecturer going through chapter 14 questions. Going through IPO. Over subscription. Cum rights.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spark feedback

    Aite da dude basically said we shud do more market research n talk to potential buyers. Shud try coming up wth prototype to get user feedback n help wth marketn. N our estimated revenue is too low so wont b lucrativ enuf

EngGen403 tutorial

Tutorial today started by skimming over what went on in this week's lectures. Then the second half of the tutorial was on discussing assignment 3. You can use graphs, figures, pictures and tables. Pretty lax with report structure. Try not to have just references from the council. Unbiased.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CompSys705 tutorial

Tutorial for test tomorrow night. CCS is separate from CTL and Kripke Structure. CCS is a way to describe the actions of processes. CTL takes a Kripke Structure and unfolds it in time (modal). Labelling of a transition system is "labelling" a state with a proposition that is true. When checking a Kripke Structure, label all the states on a diagram.

NCES. Firing groups. Better to know how to use ViVe. Forced or independent transitions. Forced transitions are made by transition boxes with an event arc to it. Independent transitions can fire whenever the number of tokens in a place is satisfied or based on a rule for a transition box.


New old lecturer. Talking about beta and share price and return. Something about inference from market and beta value. Talking about share rights and cum-rights share price. Now talking about short selling shares before going ex-rights. Apparently you make no money out of this strategy because the market is efficient. Lots more on use of rights. The drop off on ex-rights date. Now on to private placements of rights. Transfer of wealth.

Karing says I should tell you all that Richie just snored in the lecture.

"If the investment is used to invest in a stupid project then the market price may drop." Lots more assumptions being bounced around from the lecturer.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility in wasting your time in reading meaningless information about nothingness.