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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Google Code, Compaq, Blog, Parallels

Made a few improvements to the Python repository for Open Flash Chart.  Added in a Wiki page showing a quick overview of how to make the data strings.  It gives a superficial comparison between the Python method and PHP method.

Pretty much finished doing maintenance work on the Compaq laptop and another desktop.  Frustrating how particular "users" complain of running out of disk space without thinking about where they're putting all their crap.  Perfectly fine partitions for "programs" and "documents" yet they're ignored.  It amazes me how people manage to screw things up.  Well I guess, not everyone's born as a computer user.  I wouldn't be surprised if the wireless adapter gets KO-ed within the next couple of weeks.

Finally decided to re-link the images I use for this blog.  The webhost I've been using has lately been very unreliable.  Hopefully my crusty geocities account will be better.

Decided to install Parallels Desktop 4.  As unlikely as I had hoped, the hard disk conversion to the new format screwed itself over.  So now I'm left with a truly POS installation of Windows.  Yet another reinstall that I have to do . . .