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Friday, November 7, 2008

openSUSE and Open Flash Chart

Finally reinstalled openSUSE and yet again, the UUlD changed.  The boot loader manager in openSUSE is pretty infuriating because it overwrites the menu.lst file with its own crap even if you use it to modify it.  For example, changing the location of the root device will get changed back to the original value.  Dumb manager.  In the end I updated menu.lst through the shell.  Managed to get all the fstab entries working so all my drives across all the Linux operating systems automount.

I started on using the Open Flash Chart 2 API.  Not much has changed with the html business. Still have to specify flashvars but the name of the variable that points to the data has changed to either ofc or data-file.  OFC2 now expects data formatted as JSON so that's where most of the work is going to be.  The included python library isn't in the style I want it to be so I'll be basically doing a rewrite.  Since not a lot of features have been implemented by the library, a rewrite should be fine.  Hopefully it'll be as easy as the work I did for adding to the Python library of OFC1.