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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Domain Names

I've recently bought myself 6 domain names for my own enjoyment!  Three I'd use and three I'll just park:


Personal portfolio of all works (websites, graphics, programming).


Portfolio of media (cards, photos, graphics, books).


My Blogger site.


Parked for a stockmarket company.


Parked for my PhD.


Parked for a future company.

I'm using free-space.net for my (advertising free) hosting. 200MB hosting space and 2GB monthly transfer limit which isn't too bad.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Postgraduate place, medical, supervisor problems, wave, pgsa,

Postgraduate place, medical, supervisor problems, wave, pgsa,

The transition from taught learning to research:
Very careful speaker. You're now the person defining the question and answering it as well. 50% drop out rate by 4th year: reasons are more than just academic reasons. Pedantic work.

Make an original contribution, international standards, demonstrate knowledge of literature, satisfactory in its methodology.

Punctuation festival. Decisions. Self audit.


Assumptions are important. Perceptions can see through changing assumptions. Empirical for objectivity; connect facts together to form the truth. Exegentic for collecting recounts to form the truth. Qualitative for collecting subjectives to form the truth. Research approach.

If you were to cross the road and have to take note of all the stimuli around you, you would be uncapavle of crossing the road. Must filter out things but then you are limiting yourself in scope.

Language is a metaphor.