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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Python / Cherrypy goodness

Got stuck into some python and cherrypy madness.  Been looking back over my code for my peer-to-peer project for CompSys 302.  Made quite a few improvements to it but I think I can still make some more if I finish reading the Python manuals.  There's a few fundamental things I'd like to change as well but I'm not going to make those changes yet.  I'd like to change the way the server and user information gets handled.  The classes right now for them are quite repetitive and not very "object orientated".  Worked a bit more on StockShaping as well.  Since I wrote the code for that a year after learning Python, the code base is a bit more solid and more "pythonic".  It would be good to experiment with generators and iterators.  Templating is also another issue I should sort out since I've basically made my own that does basic string substitutions.  Works all right but not every extendable.  Wonder when Cherrypy will be written to be Python 3k compliant... Might play around with Ruby on Rails; another pair of scripting tools for use in web development.