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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Three day lecture summary

Since I've only started blogging late yesterday night, I thought I'd make a very quick summary of my lectures three days into semester two. Exciting I know ...

(Communication is important)^100. Missed out on lecture notes because I came late and people were late to enrol so not enough notes were printed off. There was a drunk guy in class and he was sitting in the back corner and he basically communicated his thoughts on sustainability through his constant laughter. The course co-ordinator gave a pre-compiled speech for us to listen too. Didn't like it very much because it was too rehearsed and not personal enough. He went through the course content and the guest lecturers involved. A speaker from BECA came and gave a general overview on communication in the work place. The importance of understanding sentences used and the habits of generalisation and misrepresentation. The 24 hour rule to make sure you have interpreted an email correctly. The hidden risks of giving friendly advice as a professional engineer. The role of an engineer as being more than someone fixing things; we provide advice as consultants.

Came to the lecture late again. No girls in the class room. Sad. A guy in our class has an iPhone 3G and Zoran proceeded to ask them what sort of embedded communication devices it had. Went through the course and list of special topics to research on. Still have to pick mine but will probably try and get a real-time topic. Or one that focusses on handling real-time commands and handles them through sorting/ordering as a form of precedence. Might look into Erlang as a possible language to do modelling. Erlang is a programming language which has many features more commonly associated with an operating system than with a programming language: concurrent processes, scheduling, memory management, distribution, networking, etc.

Still wasn't sure if I wanted to do digital communications since I know I'm bad with signals and fourier transform. The first lecturer was quite monotonous but if you concentrate a little, he is interesting. Yet more assumptions about the signals being modelled. Additive noise and uncertainty of the voltage received. Went through the usual block diagram from reception, sampling, detection and decision. Missed out on the second lecture because of the EngGen 403 test.

A just for fun paper. Went through what makes a corporate. Agency conflicts and remedies. Market value. Book value. Calculation of interest. Present value. Future value. Annuity. Pretty basic things that "Management for Engineers" has taught us already. It'll be interesting if the lecturer talks about markets and that it is speculative and no one is wiser than any other.