Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can't complain

Had a 10% test where we had to write a complaint letter for EngGen403. I just can't complain and when I do, it's unstructured and hard to interpret. I ended up making up a fictional complaint about how a fictional company called "Pave My Way" did a really crap job paving my fictional drive way because areas of the paving started sinking into the ground. I made the fictional company look like a premier paving company with good contractors and track record. It just makes it easier to persuade the company to come and fix up the fictitiously bad job to save their fictional brand image.

I can't really say that it was a good complaint because I usually live with complaints unless the incurred costs are just way too high for me or I have to spend heaps of time sorting out the problem myself. I don't think my "argument" was all that logical. I'll have to think back to the days of Phil 105. Have good premises to support my conclusions (or sub conclusions).

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