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Saturday, October 11, 2008

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results‏
From: help@smartsims.com
Sent: Saturday, 11 October 2008 9:38:41 a.m.

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results:

As I am sure many of you will know, last night the final rollover for MikesBikes was processed. Attached in a following email is the Scoreboard report showing all Firms final placings ranked by Shareholder Value (SHV). Well done to all teams, the performance overall was exceptional.

Congratulations to the teams below who placed in the top 3 spots for SHV:

1st: iBike $62.39
2nd: Winston says NO $60.60
3rd: mini EMPERORS $58.16

1. Full credit to 'iBike' who were able to recover from a stage where their performance was dropping in comparison to competitors, evaluate strategy and proceed to creep back up the ladder to take first place!

2. The same goes for 'Winston says No' who were actually 3rd to last after the first rollover. After battling 'iBike' throughout the simulation were only just pipped at the post.

3. There are quite few teams that didn't rank in the Top 3 but performed very well in the latter half of the Simulation, well done! Of particular note are:
Johnny Boy
Friendly Bikes
25th Gear
Marvel Wonders

On behalf of Smartsims I would like to congratulate all those who competed in this years competition and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Kind Regards,

Ian McPherson
Sales & Marketing Manager
Smartsims International

PeriodIndustryFirmSHVProfitSales Revenue
2014World 2iBike$62.39$7,842,113$25,629,256
2014World 2Winston says NO$60.60$8,477,912$32,663,008
2014World 3mini EMPERORS$58.16$5,781,363$22,961,479
2014World 1Synergy$47.51$4,457,112$16,111,456
2014World 2Johnny Boy$40.97$4,824,846$17,846,952
2014World 3Michaels Cycles$35.90$2,905,742$19,034,941
2014World 3Friendly Bikes$35.63$5,522,863$25,105,564
2014World 2JKPD Corp$33.85$3,072,660$17,856,842
2014World 1Dandelions$30.83$4,686,135$22,433,862
2014World 325th Gear$30.42$3,088,905$18,507,616
2014World 3Juggernaut$23.32$1,043,114$15,811,631
2014World 1Marvel Wonders$23.04$2,651,807$13,904,203
2014World 1CK Bikes$22.37$2,007,827$18,431,841
2014World 1Tropard$19.86$7,138,292$27,127,968
2014World 2RadRydes$17.55$2,070,223$16,270,599
2014World 1Team Campeon$9.08$81,522$9,229,610
2014World 2BULLET$0.01($5,290,455)$859,200