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Thursday, October 23, 2008

EngGen403 tutorial

Q1) Communication, argument and logic.  Arts person marking.
Q2) Professionalism and ethics.  Why do we have ethics?
Q3) Indigenous knowledge and consultation.  Think about the Marae visit.  How do you apply your knowledge.  Study up on the RMA.  My tutor marking.
Q4) The role of the engineer in society.  Today's society.  Appropriate use of technology.
Q5 & Q6) Sustainability.  Probably one question on each topic the lecturer gave.  The world that we live in.  What can be done to the world.

20 min for each question.

A lot of them are common sense.  If you were in my tutorial and listening to all what my tutor had to say, then you'd do well.  Sustainability is probably going to have the hardest questions. Have good essay structure but not strictly enforced.  Have good handwriting.