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Thursday, October 16, 2008

EngGen403 tutorial

Substitute tutor. He's Canadian. Started talking about politics. Going through Monday's lecture which was on appropriate use of technology in third world places. Then onto Tuesday's lecture which was on believing what people say. Going through the exam structure.

Five topics in the exam. There may be some topics with multiple questions. Arguments and persuasive writing. Professionalism and ethics. The use of being in a professional body. Engineer's role in work safety. Change designs so they cannot be abused. Contracts you can be entered to by giving a simple consultation. E-mail can be used for legal purposes. Indigenous issues and consultation. Don't present a solution from the get-go as that does not show your willingness to listen to their needs and concerns. Objections in discussions. Resource Management Act. Sustainability issues and how they will affect our future jobs. Sustainable management and resources. Life cycle analysis of products. Appropriate technology. Engineers in society. We're an outcast or just plain special in a weird way?

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