Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Future thinking. Trends and predictions: expert method (business orientation), standardized scenarios method (taking a country), critical uncertainties method (change severity of variables), scenario network mapping (events). Mass population pressure on the government.

Talking about short, medium and long term. Lots of forward looking statements but this is reasonable given the nature of this lecture being on the future of sustainability.

Future of technology. Resistance to changing traditional methods or way of life. Like using a washing machine that doesn't use water to wash the clothes. Massive amount of energy and raw materials to produce one product.

Sustainable communities.

3D painting: new cow, more money, new life, a God, third leg. But what happens of you don't want the painting or if you run put of paint? Designs will improve in a stepwise manner. Biomimetics. Design simplification.

Considerations for engineers.

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