Friday, October 10, 2008


Lecturer went through a question that had a beta term. Not sure because I got to the lecture late again. Not that it really matters. Tax shield.

Karen would like to announce that it's her hubby (chunnie's) 29th birthday today!!!!!!!! YAY~~~~!!!!!!

Eugene asks, who is hubby?!

Karen says 'hubby' is the love of my life ^^ LOL

Eugene says, that doesn't mean much ...

Karen says ............................hehe

Eugene asks, Why is he so old anyway? He was 8 when you were born. Gross!! :-p

Karen says: have you even seen photos of him????he looks younger than you!!!! Wahahahahaha!!!!! AND! I bet you were like 8 when I was born....minutes that is ^o^

Eugene says no. But does he look fugly? :-p. Also you're being very discrete with your food!

*Karen gobbles her chocolate & almond crossaint* well I'm hungry....back to talking about my hubby ^^ how could you think for even one second that he maybe fugly!????!???!

Eugene replies: just wondering what Jay and Edison are up against. Hope you wipe your fingers before you start typing on this keyboard -_-

*wipes fingers on eugene's jacket*..well Edison is in the past but should Edison not be in the past he still one really beats jay - music-wise that looks hubby beats all ^^

Eugene says he's run out of random things to say. Decided to draw : ) on the crossaint. Arsset substitution.

"YAY!!!!! I WIN!!!!" Karen says, also please stop drawing on my bag for the crossaint....I bet that red pen is toxic and it will kill me... ><

Eugene asks if any milk powder was used to make that crossaint? I bet the recycled paper holding it is more toxic :p. Imagine all the newspapers that went into making the recycled bag.

Karen replies....yes I think milk powder was used I'm going to develop kidney stones


Anyway, back to finance. Talking about imputation credits to counter double taxation on dividends. Onto gaming of company equity.

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