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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fusion of ICT and RT for quality of life

ICT: information communication technology
RT: robot technology

Two big trends: tendung towards or at a ubiquitous society. Ubiquitous society is society in which innovation of society occurs through the improvement of industrial productivity. The steps in realization by things being intelligent and networking: computerization, online step (cyber space), convergence step (broadband), then the ubiquitous step.

Networking + smart + mobility. Diffusion of digital convergence in social economy. IT based convergence -> industry + industry. Convergence between different genre -> generate new trends. Three areas in future digital convergence: Human + IT, Things + IT, Space + IT.

The objective of paradigm change is the improvement in the quality of life: technology, social structure, culture, physical. Intelligent services: context aware, personalized and customized, adaptive, automative. Quality of life: social aspects - happiness, good relationship, health - physical, mental intellectual, satisfaction - work, sacrifice, happiness. Intelligent services should improve people's quality of life. Examples: I-pot and the Nike+ products.

The use of the Internet for entertainment is great in Korea. A lot of money to be had in creating online versions of reallife entertainment solutions. Personal life extending into the Internet. Some fairly bad influences on personal life: online brotherhood, dialog through SMS, netizen communication language, always on generation.

Concept of ubiquitous robot companion: robots that provide various requested services whenever and wherever. Sensors embedded everywhere in the environment. Use distribution of robot parts to utilize the maximum robot function. Robot simulacrum protocol used for communicating with thin client robots.

Research into providing service for the elderly throgh care robots. Robot made for gauging the health of the elderly person. It is not used for taking care of them.

The assumption is that devices are used as the primary way of dealling with people's quality of life. Robots are still a foreign so people's initial reactions are probably negative. Emotion needs to be added torobots to give them a human touch. Improve the number of smiles.

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