Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ray Avery

Went to MIT guys for advice on making incubator. They suggested a car part model. That seemed useless because repair would be very hard to do since each part would be custom made and very hard to service in a third world country.

The ideal would be to make something that did not require any repairing, at all.
  • Incubator - costs nothing and requires no replacement.
  • Snap fitting - no screw driver likely to be found in third world countries.
  • Making things indestructible - physically and electronically.
  • "Life Raft"
  • Eventual incubator can be sold in third world countries but also first world. "It is not a cheap knock off".
The baby generates the bugs (source). The air needs to be cleaned from within. Using UV LEDs to kill the bugs. LEDs also serves as an impromptu heating element. Air filters can be made self cleaning through periodic reversal of air flow into the incubator.

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