Monday, September 28, 2009

MikesBikes MCC Competition Final Results

MCC 2014 Scoreboard
Sent: Monday, 28 September 2009 10:39 a.m.

Hi Company Managers,

The final rollover for the MikesBikes competition was processed over the weekend. Attached is the Scoreboard report showing all Firms' end placing ranked by Shareholder Value (SHV).

Congratulations to the teams below who placed in the top 3 spots for SHV:

1st - Meritocratic Society $92.41
2nd - OGC $86.50
3rd - Bradford Says Smack $82.14

We noted that the level of competition and decisions were quite high across the board this semester. There were many interesting decisions and gambles which paid off. Business by nature is risky, and the winning teams made calculated risks where other chose to play it safe or missed opportunities. We were also pleased by the decisions and results of the following teams, who we commend for succeeding to reach a high SHV:


iBike Pro

Storm of Action



Ring a Ling Bikes

We've also created an MCC news page to display previous winners and the current results. You can access this by following the link given below:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Danny Master
SmartSims International

IndustryFirmSHVProfitSales Revenue
AsiaMeritocratic Society$92.41$12,515,588$36,546,794
North AmericaOGC$86.50$8,463,745$26,985,872
EuropeBradford Says Smack$82.14$7,948,173$26,671,502
North AmericaOnePlusOne$55.95$4,050,075$29,585,905
EuropeiBike Pro$54.10$5,837,377$20,613,120
EuropeStorm of Action$51.36$5,788,154$27,711,565
North AmericaVivo tinto$34.28$3,443,477$18,749,716
EuropeRing a Ling Bikes$24.77$2,100,923$15,166,398
AsiaSir McJoffalot$12.74$1,461,955$8,151,000
AsiaS & D Corporation$12.74$1,461,955$8,151,000
North AmericaTavron$9.55$197,243$5,166,590
AsiaAD & JD Group$6.39$107,530$16,129,164
North AmericaJuggernaut$3.97($816,215)$13,127,800
EuropePhoenix Bikes$3.40($1,984,644)$4,537,650
North Americalance's bikes$1.97($3,930,810)$10,200,944

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