Thursday, September 10, 2009

Martin Evans - Nobel Leaurete

Never believe anything

Nullius in verba
Expect the unexpected

Pluripotental cells: including Mouse and man
Embryo equivalence: can be maintained indefinitely.

Derived from work of Berry where a single tumor from one mouse to
another and the cell could differentiate into the full range of cells.

Interrelationships of tumor cells and embryoid bodies.

Couldn't culture embryonal carcinoma cells.

Matt Kaufman. Activation of egg cell. Grow haploid cells?

Cell lines.
Lethal embryonic mutation.

Gene therapy not passed onto germ cells.

Having a defective gene may have disease resistance; Darwin
philosophy. Although it is bad to have two copies of the bad gene.

Isolated stem cells.
Regenerative medicine.

Induced transdifferentiation. Reverse engineer a cell back to the

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