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Monday, October 19, 2015

Ink and Notebook Update

This weekend, I went on a bit of a stationery shopping spree. I went to my local stationer, called  Metzner, located on Hauptwachstraße 28, Bamberg. It's a decently sized store with a large range of pens, but a fairly small range of notebooks. I decided to get a white hard covered A6-sized dotted Leuchtturm1917 notebook. It's a German brand that sells slightly cheaper than an equivalent Moleskine notebook.

I'm doing tutorials and practicals for a compiler construction course and I'll use this notebook to jot down some teaching notes and the answers to the practicals. I'm also supervising three software engineering groups and I'll use this notebook to track their progress. 

I got some A5-sized soft covered Moleskine notebooks to write my research notes and German language lessons. They're very simple looking with a single-threaded spine to keep all the pages together. I wonder how well the cardboard cover will hold up because it isn't laminated.

When I was at the counter to pay for my Leuchtturm1917 notebook, I spotted a collection of fountain pen inks. I had been looking for pots of ink by the fountain pen displays but couldn't see any. They have some Lamy and J. Herbin inks. I have never tried J. Herbin inks so I thought I'd get an orange indien for writing comments and vert réséda for normal writing. I already have Pelikan royal blue ink for everyday writing. 

I think I'm all set up for some serious writing and hope to have reviews of my pens, inks, and papers up soon!