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Monday, October 19, 2015

Faber-Castell Loom, Pelikan Königsblau, Squared Moleskine Review

I bought this in 2015 from Metzner in Bamberg, Germany. I got the metallic blue pen with fine nib. This is quite a heavy pen but the barrel has a very nice feel and grip. The plastic clip is spring-loaded but sometimes makes a squeaking noise when it opens. 

The pen has a decent weight from the metal barrel and section. The pen's weight applies pressure on the page, which means you only need to move the pen across the page to create a stroke. I do like the dotted design on the nib.

I inked this pen with some Pelikan ink, called Königsblau, which has a royal blue colour that resembles the pen cap.

The pen writes quite smoothly for a fine nib. The nib produces a line that is finer than my Waterman Kultur with a fine nib.  I find that the nib dries out when unused for a few seconds and can be a bit hard to restart. On the other hand, the ink dries quickly on the paper and is probably helped by the fineness of the line. The backside of the nib writes as smoothly as the normal side of the nib. This is good for getting even finer lines.

The nib lays down a solid line and the ink flow is consistent. I didn't see much variation in ink shading, but a broader nib might show some. The edges of the ink strokes are sharp.

I used a Moleskine notebook and the ink didn't bleed through the page too much. However, because the ink is quite dark, you can see the writing from the other pages coming through the pages.