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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writing for academic publication

Gina Wisker

Why publish:
  • Finish PhD
  • Confidence in writing skills
  • Stop head spinning
  • Connecting with community
  • Sharing your research
  • People need to know your idea
  • Get feedback
  • Peer reviewed
What is stopping you:
  • Lack of confidence
  • Discourse
  • Not ready or fully developed thoughts
  • Fulfilling other obligations
  • Being a perfectionist
What helps you:
  • Deadlines with consequences
  • Presentation to colleges - views - ideas
  • Reading others' work
  • People supporting you for the effort
  • Teaching in anyway - coherent communication
What is appropriate to write and publish now?
  • Initial results and PhD direction
What you have been working on?
  • Getting familiar with tools to develop on top.
Who are you doing it for?
  • Supervisor: So they know I'm on track
  • Myself: Marks the first start of my PhD research
  • Community: Thoughts and feedback
Main issues to explore
Theories to use
Research to be done
What's done already by me?
Someone else


Calls to papers
What do the publishers like?
What do the editors like?

How does it contribute? What does it contribute? Why does this matter?

Publication / Conference
  • Publications are shorter
  • Conferences written in speech
  • Catch the butterflies in the conference and write them in the publication