Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part 4 physics presentations

Missed the first presentation.

Anna Yang - Mechanical model of the breast
  • Aid clinicians
  • Cancer research
  • Segmentation of regions from MR images
  • Three interests: Air, skin, fat
  • Using active contour models to find a 3D model from a series of pictures.

Matthew Walbran - All fibre Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Scattering
  • CARS for spectroscopy
  • Multiplex CARS to cut down tuning time.
  • Fibre being an optical fibre.

Ihab Ramadaan - Investigating the use of "colour" spectral CT
  • Imaging modality
  • Distinguishing different oragans/tissues
  • Current techiques use markers but triple xray doses and time. Also dual energy scans but again double the time and xray. Also spectral CT works like RGB
  • LHC = Large Hadron Collider
  • Testing spectral CT and acquisition developed in collaboration with the university of Canterbury.
  • Stopping power determined by the sensor layer.

Yukti Srivastava - Construction of an EDFA for use in an adavance lab
Speaker is crazy with the laser pointer. She needs a light saber!
  • Amplification of light in long fibres.
  • Connectorised components of the lab equipment.

Pratik Raval - LED as replacements to traditional lighting.
  • Light is confined in LEDs because of internal reflection. Angle of illumination is small as well.
  • Thermal management of LEDs due to thermal output over a small component size.
Poor guy. Not sure what his contributions were.

Jason Kuo - Bacterial tagging with optode
  • Using labview and a single fibre probe
  • Ended up a two fibre probe to compact coupling issues causing an irregular peak.

Amy Lin - Construction of a femtosecond Kerr shutter
  • Need to combact "chirp" in super-continuum production
  • Super-continuum source
  • Optical delay line
  • Polarizer
  • Kerr medium
  • Orthoginally, a femtosecond pulse source
  • Analyzer

Kaidi Liang - Super-continuum generation
  • Making tapers for super-continuum generation
  • Third order effects most prominent in super-continuum generation
  • Taper = heating a fibre and stretching under control.
Terminology issue: core

Neil Alan Campbell - Determining iron loading using MRI T2* decay curves
  • Iron loading is the amount of iron in tissue.
  • MRI for determining iron loading without having to take biopsies.

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