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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Presentation skills seminar

To verbally communicate information in a limited amount of time. Cannot automatically assume that the audience are technically aware. You are the expert. Structure to facilitate. Effective balance between concepts and detail.

Visual aids for the audience. They cannot replace poor content. Guy in the audience just echoed "crisp" when the point was made about simple slide layouts.

Graphical information. Some other guy just took a photo of a slide on image resolution.

Delivery techniques and issues. Speak to the audience and not to the screen. Try not to read from text and use spoken English, not written. Use the keynotes to talk. Don't be afraid to use personal pronouns. Verbal hints with pauses and enthusiasm. Be careful of where you stand so you don't block people's views. Maintain eye contact. Emphasize what you have done.

Question time. Clarification of issues. Interested in opinion and point of view. Don't pass the buck. Try a guess but have some sort of insurance statement. "I don't have the answer to that, but I could get it to you by tomorrow."

Know your presentation. Know the room.

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