Monday, September 15, 2008


Someone confused us with the lecture theater today so we ended up in some random commerce one. The sustain lecture is screwed up. Major fail with crackling microphone.

Lecture is on sustainability with major focus on buildings and people. Systems interacting with others. The goal is that humans will exist in the future. Assumptions are that energy and materials are still required and human basic needs will remain the same. Cities remain where they are.

More focus on cities. A lot of the explanation sounds like cache architecture, shared resources, and concurrent processes.

Now the focus has shifted to human survival over time: food, land, soil and water.

The science of sustainability. Measured through risk, considered on a local basis, needs have to be identified, rules have to be set and followed. Sustainability priorities. Quality and quantity factors. Maximum and minimum limits.

Risk of desertification. Known unknowns and Unknown unknowns. It's coming. Buffers for long term plans.

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