Thursday, July 23, 2009

The role of Industry and Universities in developing successful technology Industries

Tony's involvement:
  • Governance, Strategy building, Innovation management, Commercialisation of technology, Business growth.
  • Phitek, Senztek, Auckland UniServices, Auckland materials accelerator, FRST, Vesper Marine, BEP Marine, SiFE.
  • Driven by knowledge, not financial success.
  • Science led research has long lead times to completion (esp biotech).
  • Little knowledge of market and competition.
  • Commercialising research:
    • validates the quality and relevance of the research.
    • builds status.
Companies seldom engage in fundamental research.

University technology transfer companies:
Good to go to the company's CEO and build a relationship there.

Good entrepreneurs delegating work to others. Bad entrepreneurs do all the work themselves.

Catch-22 with patent protection: Have to wait for patent to come through before product/service can be released; once you have the patent you need to be prepared to fight infringements - can be a stumbling block for start-ups since cash is limited.

If there's one idea, there must be another that goes with it?

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